Freee Recycle Nigeria is a Waste Recycling and Rubber Manufacturing Company aimed at reducing the amount of scrap tyres into reusable, eco-friendly rubber moulded products.

Freee Recycle Nigeria is committed to tackling challenges such as rising level of unemployment, environmental pollution, carbon emission and general environmental sustainability.

Freee Recycle Nigeria is willing to partner with cooperate organizations/company to convert waste tyres to reusable products, thereby keying into Nigeria’s environmental sustainability programs.

FREEE Recycling Program is consistent with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 12 and13. We collect waste tyres and recycle them into rubber flooring products and other items thereby, creating employment and protecting our environment.

The recycling of waste tyres reduces the number of tyres in drainages and landfills which serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects and rodents. Reduction of these landfills and drainages significantly reduces the chances of malaria infections, inadvertently reducing mortalities from malaria related infections.

According to WHO (World Malaria Report 2020 (, the mortality rate from malaria related cases is about 0.18%. An average of 20 tyres can block 1 drainage and 1 drainage can service an average of 20 Households, with each household comprising of 5 individuals. This implies that a single tyre directly impacts 5 individuals.

For every tyre recycled, 5 people are impacted and mortalities that may have resulted from malaria related cases would be prevented.

Tyre recycling also reduces carbon emissions caused by burning of tyres, thereby protecting the environment from pollution.

Benefits of participating in the FREEE Recycling Program

  1. Eco-friendly method of waste disposal through recycling of their used tyres.
  2. Nationwide/Global recognition for supporting environmental sustainability.
  3. Usage/installation of our FREEE products in their facilities whose numerous products benefits includes; anti-slip, shock absorbent, eco-friendly, anti-fatigue etc.
  4. Feature on the company website, newsletters as well as social media platforms, as ambassadors of social and environmental change.
  5. Award of Certificate of Environmental Sustainability to organizations.
  6. By partnering with us on this programme, it will help cooperate organization/company to key into Nigeria’s environmental sustainability programmes.
  7. Co-sponsoring of future programmes on environmental sustainability, recycling and corporate social responsibility.